Tesla Won’t Give Model 3 A 100kWh Battery, Musk Confirms


Tesla’s Model 3 will not come in a 100 kWh version, CEO Elon Musk has confirmed. Previously, there were strong speculations that Tesla’s upcoming electric cars will have the larger batteries.

Small wheelbase for Model 3 does not support large battery

Tesla fitted its Model S and Model X cars with the same 60 kWh batteries which have a range of 218 miles. However, in August 2016, it expanded the batteries into a larger 100kWh version, ramping up the range to 315 miles. The Model S 100D has an estimated range of 335 miles, and the Model X goes about 295 miles on a full charge. Musk stated that 100 kWh might be the limit for Tesla vehicles, notes Jalopnik.

However, the wheelbase of the Model 3 will be smaller, and therefore, bigger batteries make no sense, said Musk. As of now, there have been no talks about the size of the battery in the Model 3. Musk, however, talked about how the company’s plan for a future semi-truck and pickup with a larger battery than 100 kWh.

“No plans to take X, S (or 3) above 100 kWh. Semi necessarily and pickup truck maybe will go above,” Musk tweeted.

According to The Verge, fitting a smaller battery in the Model 3 will help keep the price of the car lower than that of other Tesla vehicles.

Model 3 is a top priority for Tesla

Musk’s tweets also confirm that the range for the Model 3 will be put it in competition with the Chevy Bolt, which has a range of 238 miles. Other rivals include Lucid, which is planning to start production of its car by 2018. The company plans to come up with a 130 kWh battery pack with a range of about 400 miles, notes Jalop