Sears Holdings Corp Responds To Ivanka Trump News Reports

This weekend, there were numerous reports in major publications with the headline that Sears Holdings Corp (NASDAQ:SHLD) and Kmart have removed Trump products from our websites. Buried in several articles is our response that offers a more complete description that explains that we, like all retailers, constantly add and remove products from our offerings. In this case, certain products were removed from our websites that included a very small number of Trump products. But, any fair observer who searches for Trump or Ivanka Trump on would find hundreds of products available for purchase. All of these products are offered by our marketplace sellers and not directly by Sears or Kmart. The headlines do not do justice to our business or this specific brand of products that we offer through our marketplace sellers.

Sears Holdings

Sears, Kmart and Shop Your Way offer products that our members are seeking to purchase and provide them at prices and experiences that our members value. We constantly monitor products for productivity, adding products that are in demand and removing products with lesser demand. In addition, where we find or are informed that certain products are unsafe or inappropriate, we will remove those products as well.

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Our marketplace includes thousands of sellers offering millions of products to our members. Through this marketplace we are able to serve our members far beyond what we sell in our stores, including products and brands we do not purchase directly. In turn, we offer our marketplace sellers access to tens of millions of Shop Your Way members and our other customers in a win-win proposition where our sellers reach millions of members and our members have access to millions of products.

For those who have contacted us on this issue, we hope this clears up any confusion. I think any fair observer can understand why this confusion was generated and why we prefer to remain focused on serving our members and our marketplace sellers and leave the politics to others.

Chris Brathwaite is Vice President, Corporate Communications at Sears Holdings Corporation.

Article by Sears Holdings