Poland PM Beata Szydlo Taken To Hospital Following A Car Accident

Poland Prime Minister Beata Szydlo was taken to the hospital to be checked out after a private car slammed into her limousine on Friday. According to public broadcaster TVP Info, the car accident happened not far from Krakow in Oswiecim.

Poland Prime Minister Szydlo at the hospital

A government spokesperson reportedly told the media outlet that Szydlo suffered bruises in the accident but was taken to the hospital as a precaution for routine checks. The spokesperson told TVP that “nothing serious” happened to her in the wreck.

According to Sky News, her limousine was in a fleet of cars that was moving down the main road in Oswiecim. Another car reportedly drove out of a side street and crashed into the prime minister’s convoy.

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Beata Szydlo was also in an accident in Israel recently

This isn’t the first car accident she has been involved in recently, according to Russia Today. Szydlo was riding in a motorcade in Israel in November when vehicles within the motorcade crashed into each other. Some people were injured in the accident, but the Polish prime minister wasn’t hurt in it.

She has been in office since November 2015.