Pokemon Go 1.27.2 / 0.57.2 Hack Ready For Download Now

Pokemon Go 1.27.2 / 0.57.2 Hack Ready For Download Now
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If you prefer to play Pokemon Go in its hacked state on either iOS or Android, there’s some good news! The recent official updates that saw developer Niantic prevent you from getting its updates have now been overcome. Meaning, those who work on the hack have toiled, and now you can download the Pokemon Go 1.27.2 and 0.57.2 hack.

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Pokemon Go New Goodies

So, what does this mean for a player using a modified version of the game? Well, not only can you continue to make use of the benefits a hack brings you. But, also you can get all of the updates/new goodies Niantic has recently brought to the title. These updates include new tweaks, bug fixes, and the highly anticipated expansion of Pokemon with 80 new creatures added.

What Does the New Hack Offer?

It’s long been a feature of the hacked game, but the ability to not move around while playing is still being refined. As such, this new modified version brings the ability to use a joystick. Is that something you can see yourself using while catching them all?

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Now. We realize that the whole point of the game is to move around, remember the day’s when the streets were full of gamers? Back then, the thought of not getting off the sofa when Pikachu and friends were in sight didn’t compute. However, now, those heady days of Pokecitement are over, and a legion of sofa surfers has taken over!

Installation Guides

If it’s been a while since you installed you Pokemon Go hack and can’t remember how. Don’t get yourself in a fluster; we can help! To start with if you’re using it on an Android smartphone here’s our tutorial. It has everything you need to start once again catching them all. However, and this is important you need to be running version 0.57.2, this can be found via Google Play, and you need to have a compatible handset/tablet.

Alternatively, if you have an iPad or iPhone, you can download an altered IPA file which contains the latest version of the game. The version number is 0.57.2 and you can get it here. Now, if you too need help installing this Pokemon Go hack we have a tutorial for you, which can be found here.

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