Pokemon Go Gen 2 Creatures Make It The Top Grossing iPhone Game Again

Pokemon Go added a lot of content last week, helping it generate even more revenue. The game by Niantic is once again the number one grossing iPhone game in the U.S. However, the Google Maps-powered monster-catching mobile app is still number three on Google Play behind Mobile Strike and Game of War, according to VentureBeat.

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Updates help Pokemon Go earn more money

This increase in spending comes after the studio updated the augmented reality-based game with more than 80 pocket monsters late last week. On Friday, Pokemon Go received the big Gen 2 update that everyone has been waiting for.

Pokemon Go was in the lower half of the top 10 on both Android and iOS prior to that huge overhaul. But the return of the smartphone game to the top of the chart proves the power of regular content updates in the smartphone gaming market, which is worth $36.6 billion.

Randy Nelson, Sensor Tower’s head of mobile insights, told GamesBeat, “Pokémon Go hadn’t been No. 1 in the U.S. since January 4 at the end of the New Year’s event. It only got as high as No. 8 during the Valentine’s event.”

Apart from the U.S., the monster-catching mobile app is performing well in many other countries. The augmented reality-based game is number one in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Ecuador, Slovakia, Great Britain, New Zealand and Singapore. However, the game is not seeing the same surge in Japan, where it is ranked only number eight in terms of revenues.

Globally, Japan has the highest average revenue per player. This is turning the recently released Fire Emblem: Heroes of Nintendo into a huge success, notes VentureBeat.

Pokemon Go Plus bracelet back in stock on Amazon

The Pokemon Go Plus bracelet is also finally back in stock at Amazon, and it costs less than $45. You can get it for just $35, if you are okay with waiting for another week for it to ship. Just choose the “other sellers section” on Amazon’s Pokemon Go Plus page and get the bracelet for $35, notes BGR.

The Pokemon Go Plus bracelet is a small device that allows the user to enjoy the augmented reality-based game while they are on the move without focusing on their smartphone. The bracelet starts to blink and vibrate when the user is within the range of a PokéStop, and the band starts to flash when a Pokemon is near.