PlayBook 4 S A PS4 Slim Based Laptop Modification [Video]

PlayBook 4 S A PS4 Slim Based Laptop Modification [Video]

In our line of work, we’re constantly approached by people who take their hands to technical projects wanting publicity. However, like everything else in life, some are worthy of sharing, and others are not. So, today, we want to tell you about the PlayBook 4 S, a PS4 slim mod which attempts to make the console portable!

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PlayBook 4 S, portable Console? Yes you Read that Correctly!

Ever wanted to get your hands dirty on a project to turn a regular PS4 Slim into something almost different? Now, if you say “no.” That’s probably because you lack the necessary skills to do it! However, you’re not on your own, as we fall into that category too…

However, one of those tech junkies who isn’t afraid of getting his hands a little dirty is Ed Zarick. And he’s been a man on a mission creating previous masterpieces such as the Portable Xbox One S. Plus the almost plausible Captain America XBOOK and Iron Man PLAYBOOK.

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His latest project saw him turn an ordinary everyday PS4 Slim into something that is not only light but also comes with its own 19-inch display. Called the PlayBook 4 S, it looks like a laptop hybrid/Sony gaming machine!

Now, before we go any further, Ed Zark is keen to point out that he has no affiliation with Sony. In his own words he wrote:

*PLEASE NOTE* I am in no way affiliated with Sony or PlayStation. The PlayBook is simply a console modification for a Sony PS4. This is not a licensed Sony Product and should not be confused as such. It is a custom made item by EdsJunk.

Laptop/Console Hybrid Development

If you’re familiar with Zark’s work, you will now he’s a dedicated chap. Having taken a look at his website and previous work it’s clear that he’s been developing the PlayBook 4 S for at least a few months. With numerous prototypes not quite meeting his requirements.

However, after all of his hard work, it appears that he’s finally happy with one particular outcome. According to his words:

I took a lot of what I designed for the XBOOK ONE S and redesigned it to fit the new PS4. It ended up, like the XBOOK, very portable and clean.

The PlayBook 4 S Final Design

Looking at the image above, it’s clear to see that this device has had some Xbox influence. With its clean lines and One S White finish, it looks gorgeous. However, what has Ed managed to squeeze into such a small space?

The first thing you will notice about the device is its 19-inch LCD. This comes able to output a resolution of 720p, which on the small screen look beautiful. Now if you prefer at least 1080p for your gaming, there is an HDMI port on the back. Using it your can link up to a larger display capable of handling that resolution.

Additionally, if you look at the pictures of there are a couple of stereo speakers, power, and eject buttons. Plus a Blu-ray drive and two-USB ports. While on the rear of the PlayBook 4 S, there’s vents to keep it cool, an Ethernet port, and the previously mentioned HDMI port. All of which means, this device is a fully functioning PlayStation. Something which can be used at home on a large TV, or taken out in big rucksack. A device which can be used almost anywhere!

Is there a PS4 Pro Mod?

In short, Yes. Zark turned his hand to the Pro and created a 24-inch version of the portable device. However, it turns out that this particular modification was completed on behest of a customer who paid more than $1200 for the privilege.

Now if that’s something you would be interested in having him do for you. Go and check out his PlayBook website, all the information you need is there.

Images Courtesy of Ed Zarl/@edsjunknet.

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