SAGA: Online Shopper Assures To Provide The Secure Payment Solution


The transformation of this world from normal to digitalization has compelled people to buy things online. Starting from vegetable to garment shopping, people do online shopping. The online shopping has become a habit, fashion and the only option for few people. It enhances the business attracting people’s focus providing the multiple options such as return and exchange option, varieties of collections and saving lots of time and efforts. Apart from these, a secured payment gateway is also one more root cause of online shopping. As per a survey, 1.32 billion people in 2015 and in 2016 1.46 billion people bought stuff online. It is predicted that 1.61 billion people in 2017 and 1.77 billion people in 2018 will use the internet to buy stuff. In this digital era, the most of the preferences are online shopping rather than going to a physical shop to buy stuff.

According to the Google analytics, 100% people, who visit the website, don’t buy a product and only 60% people buy things. Remaining 40% leave the website without success payment. The principal reason behind it is the complicated and insecure payment gateway. E-commerce business has occupied the space in today’s world and all the e-commerce companies don’t have secured payment gateway. In order to make the people buy things from your website, you need to work on your payment gateway that will assure people that it is safe and secured.

Online shopping is all about the online transaction that requires safety and security. A Strong payment gateway is a key to attracting customers. Flip-kart, eBay, Groupon, Walmart, Amazon, and etc are most popular websites for their user-friendly and secured payment gateway. Saga is one of our payment gateways which is going to provide strong assurance of secured payment to its customers. Total Processing’s latest infographic sheds more light on the topic. Have a look!

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SAGA: Online Shopper Assures To Provide The Secure Payment Solution