Mnuchin To FBN: We can’t Fannie Mae Under government control for the next four years

Mnuchin To FBN: We can’t Fannie Mae Under government control for the next four years

Fannie Mae

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given the process with NAFTA you know there’s nothing that’s going to happen right away in the short-term. But you know I’m optimistic that under this administration you’re going to see really good deals negotiated.

BARTIROMO: Yeah. The deals negotiated obviously I think the president has done a terrific job with Benjamin Netanyahu he got good marks on some of the other foreign meetings that he’s had. What do you want to see him do in terms of trade? What’s most important in terms of priority in terms of other foreign leaders right now?

MNUCHIN: Well, again this goes back to again I think we’ve got a great economic team OK? You know Gary Cohn and I speak multiple times a day. Wilbur Ross and I have worked very closely for long periods of time. We’re all addressing these trade issues. There’s a plan on these trade issues. We’re reaching out to our foreign counterparts. And I think you’re going to see action on this this year.

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BARTIROMO: Let me ask you Mr. Secretary before you go about your prior life. And that was investing, what, $100 million in movies. Congratulations on the Oscar. That’s interesting. Tell me about that. Were you at the Oscars?

MNUCHIN: I wasn’t at the Oscars. I’m not going to the Oscars. I’m out of the movie business. I’m focused on the American people and working for them and that’s my full-time job. I’m working 24 hours a day. I’m thrilled to be here. I’m honored to be here. And that’s my focus.

BARTIROMO: Well, we’ll be watching. Obviously I meant the Golden Globes. And we’ll be watching when the movies up (PH).

Secretary Mnuchin, good to talk with you. Thank you so much for spending the time this morning.

MNUCHIN: Thank you, Maria.

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