Microsoft Launches Two New Xbox One S Controllers

Microsoft Launches Two New Xbox One S Controllers
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Microsoft sure knows that gamers love to have choices. In the past, the company has released some fun and cool controllers to ensure that there is something for every gamer. On Tuesday, the software giant announced the launch of two new Xbox One S controllers: the Ocean Shadow Special Edition and the Winter Forces Special Edition. The new controllers have been priced at $70 in the United States.

You can pre-order the new controllers now

Microsoft said the new controllers would be available at “select” retailers around the world from February 7. However, you can pre-order them right away from the Microsoft store. The new controllers feature all the improvements brought with the Xbox One S, and they are in line with the older series of designs.

Microsoft first brought these enhancements to the Shadow line with the Dawn Shadow. The Ocean Shadow Special Edition has the same design as the last year’s Dawn Shadow controller. It is a matte black model that fades into a light blue metallic finish. The triggers, shoulder buttons, and back are glossy black. The ABXY and menu buttons glow light blue.

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