Iraq-Based Hacker Takes Over President Trump’s Website

Iraq-Based Hacker Takes Over President Trump’s Website
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A hacker who claims to be from Iraq reportedly breached a server on President Donald Trump’s website on Sunday. The person replaced the content on with a man wearing a fedora.

Trump’s campaign website hacked

According to Ars Technica, the website also contained this message for the President:

“Hacked By Pro_Mast3r~

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Attacker Gov

Nothing Is Impossible

Peace From Iraq”

The server that was hacked was, and Ars Technica reports that it “is behind Cloudflare’s content management and security platform. It doesn’t seem to be linked directly from the campaign’s home page, however, it looks like a legitimate campaign server for the President. It has a legitimate certificate but references an image on another site that’s insecure and triggers a warning on the Chrome and Firefox browsers that it’s not secure.

The source code for the message posted by the hacker reportedly linked to javascript on a Google Code account for masterendi, which no longer exists. That code has been linked to at least three more website hacks in the past.

After the hack was discovered, the administrators took the server offline for a time to regain control, but the website is back up and appears to be running as usual.

Retaliation for Trump’s Muslim ban list?

Trump ignited a firestorm of angry protests and raised the ire of Americans and non-Americans alike when he signed an executive order that aimed to bar immigrants from seven Muslim-majority nations from entering the U.S. Enforcement of the so-called “Muslim ban” hasn’t yet begun because a U.S. court has blocked it, but people are still angry, and most would say rightfully so.

Iraq is one of the countries on that Muslim ban list, so it’s not very surprising that the hacker who breached a server for Trump’s presidential campaign claims to be from there. There’s been debate about whether the President will add more countries to the list, although it seems like Pakistan may be in the clear, despite its large Muslim population. This has triggered debates about favoritism and allegations about conflicts of interest between Trump’s business and his running of the country.

Not the first hack linked to Trump

At least one other major hack has occurred since Trump took office. Earlier this month, hackers took over a number of small broadcast radio stations around the U.S. They forced the stations to broadcast the song “F*** Donald Trump” over and over. Because of all the anger he has managed to cause in only a month’s time, this might not be the last one, either.

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