This Important Trade Indicator Is Reporting For Germany, Europe And China In The Next Week


In the next week, Germany, China and Europe are reporting their Balance of Trade (BOT) indicators.

Germany is about to report for their December 2016 Trade of Balance on Thursday, Feb. 9th. After a huge comeback from October, with a drastic increase to $22.6 billion from $19.3 billion Euros in November, Estimize analysts are expecting December to come in slightly lower QoQ at $22.3 billion Euros. However, given the volatile nature of the indicator, it is quite possible that the report will miss the actual value by a wider margin due to volatility in the foreign exchange rate.

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On the same day, China will also report their BOT indicator for their January performance. Estimize analysts are optimistic that it will have a slight increase of $2.86 billion from 40.82 billion RMB in December last year, similar to the bullish trend in January 2016. In addition, this report will reflect the political transition from the Obama into Trump administration in the US, thus we can expect a sentimental shift in US trade partnership with China.

Germany, Europe And China

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A week from Thursday, Europe will report their BOT in December 2016. Analysts at Estimize are expecting a slight increase to $26.2 billion Euros from $25.90 billion in November. As Germany plays a vital role in Europe’s economy, the trend in Europe from October to November very much mimics that of Germany, although a little more stable. As the UK chose to separate from the European Union half a year ago, we will most likely see a bearish trend in the next couple of months.

Germany, Europe And China

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