Golden Door Asset Management 2016 Annual Letter

Golden Door Asset Management 2016 Annual Letter

concise list of investment criteria that we use to evaluate stocks:

Golden Door Asset Management

Our objective is to discover undervalued companies that will deliver long-term value for our portfolio and invest in these companies with timely execution. As other investors look for ‘new’ opportunities, we plan to stick with a proven strategy: invest in high free cash flow assets. In 2017, we have continued screening for low-priced value stocks with the ability to organically grow cash flows. Higher future cash flows result in a higher intrinsic value. Our simple formula for success.

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Operational updates

Entering our fourth year of business, we are more than excited to start the year strong. We are happy to say that we passed the mid seven figure mark for total assets under management in 2016. Although important to our business, our primary objective is not to gather assets but deliver high quality, sustainable returns. We believe a return-focused objective is the best option for us and our partners.

In 2016, we made many new friends and new investors. For individuals, hesitant to invest, 2017 is the start of a secular growth market. Rates are rising and more opportunities are opening every day. Sitting on the sidelines is no longer a viable strategy. Our most significant update this past quarter has been ramping up our investments and refining our strategy.

We look forward to building a valuable investment portfolio and relationship with you. We are here to cater directly to your investment needs, so please do not hesitate to reach us at any time. Our focus as always will be on long-term value creation. If you or anyone you know shares that vision, we welcome you as a Golden partner.

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