Galaxy S8 And S8 Plus: Batteries, Personal Assistant, Home Button And More [Rumors]

Galaxy S8 And S8 Plus: Batteries, Personal Assistant, Home Button And More [Rumors]
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Now that the dust has seemingly settled over the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, and Samsung has released its inquest findings. It seems (according to rumor) that the South Korean tech giant is happy to entrust Samsung SDI once more with battery production. Moving forward this could mean that the upcoming Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus smartphones get batteries delivered from in-house. And according to recent rumors, that’s exactly what will happen!

Learning from Past Mistakes

According to Samsung the Note 7 was a fire hazard because it crammed a high-capacity battery into a thin device. This led to some malformation of the batteries internal components and increased the risk of malfunction. And that what some Note 7 owners experienced resulting in the untimely demise of the device and uproar.

To make sure that never happens again, Samsung will be introducing an eight-point testing regime in 2017. And this means that the Galaxy S8/S8 Plus will be the first Samsung devices to benefit from it.

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Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus with larger Battery Capacities

Regarding the battery capacities of the next flagships, rumors suggest they will feature a larger device than previous handsets. Putting this into context the Galaxy S7 featured a 3000mAh, and the Galaxy S7 Edge a 3600mAh power supply. However, considering 2017’s devices will have larger displays, the S8 5.7-inches, and S8 Plus 6.2-inches, increased capacity batteries is needed.

So, what do recent battery rumors suggest the capacities of this year’s handsets will be? It appears that the Galaxy S8 will get a 3250mAh powerhouse and the S8 Plus a 3750mAh. According to Android Headlines, this information was shared directly by Samsung to its suppliers. However, in the communication, no mention of the S8 or its larger sibling was made. Although, it’s thought that the only handsets that could use these devices are the S8 and S8 Plus!

Additionally, rumors point towards the devices using the latest Exynos 8895 and Snapdragon 835 chips in some markets. And apparently, those who know about these things think a slight increase in battery capacities would work well with them. Meaning that due to the chipsets increased power efficiency coupled with larger displays and batteries, performance will remain the same.

More rumors

Along with the larger screens and increased battery capacities come a slew of other rumors centered around Samsung’s 2017 devices. And if all are correct, it could mean the S8 will be one of the most powerful handsets this year! Let’s take a look at what is getting people excited.

Dedicated Button to Launch Personal Assistant

One of the more recent speculations centers around Samsung’s Viv, the personal assistant created by Dag Kittlaus, the creator of Siri. Rumors suggest a dedicated button will appear on the side of the Galaxy S8 for waking Viv. However, although Samsung has confirmed the assistant, a dedicated button has not been.

No Physical Home Button

While this is not a new rumor, it has managed to persist for some time with new information continuously revealed. If true, this would mean that Samsung will deliver an all-screen front Galaxy S8, which would be bezelless. Recent renders created by the well-known designer Veniamin Geskin where shared online showing what it may look like without a Home Button. If accurate, this would mean the handset unlike its predecessors will not have a logo on the front and the fingerprint sensor moved to the rear.

3.5mm Headphone Jack

Reports that Samsung will follow Apple’s move and ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack have been rife for some time now. Recently SamMobile reported that a USB Type-C port would replace it and could be used for charging and audio.

Even though conflicting rumors have since surfaced, it seems as though the rumor mill has reached a consensus. With the jack destined to go and an Apple-inspired piece of technology on the way to help with the transition. SamMobile and other sites have reported on these Samsung wireless earbuds much like Apple’s AirPods. However, the tech giant is yet to confirm or deny these reports.

No Curved Edge Handset

Unlike the previous S7 handsets, it’s thought that Samsung will do away with a separate curved Edge model in 2017. Instead both the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus will have curved displays. If true, this enables it to decrease bezel sizes and falls in-line with other rumors, such as no Home Button.

Additionally, it would give strength to the rumors of a 3D-Touch style feature making its way to the devices. It’s has been speculated that Samsung will incorporate this technology into on-screen navigation buttons which can be customized.

Launch Date

Samsung appears to be stopping at nothing to make the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus its best Android Smartphones to date. However, while the company has not yet officially given a launch date. Many have suggested that March 29th is a date worthy of noting in your calendar.

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