Content Marketing Technologies That Made It In 2016

Content Marketing Technologies That Made It In 2016
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Content creation and distribution as well as its marketing strategies have become incredibly important and better integrated in a business the past year and not only do businesses employ special firms which specialize in marketing content but they’ve also increased sales and traffic by a large margin in doing so. Here are a couple of strategies and technologies which have thrived in this sector and have greatly improved the past year in terms of content marketing.

Native Advertising

A couple of years ago businesses were not quite sure how much to spend on content creation as opposed to actually promoting that content and whilst they were spending three quarters on creating and the last third on promoting and content marketing online, now the tables have turned and the strategy adopted nowadays has allowed for greater visibility as well as promotion of content.

Video Content

Video content has risen to the most popular content marketing trends over the last couple of years as more and more people are able to watch videos through various means of technology as a large population of our world has access to the internet. It is extremely easy for publishers to produce and promote content and when done accordingly they come as the most effective way to communicate information and since it is displayed in a visual form they have a greater chance of appealing and getting understood by people.

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It comes as a bit strange for podcasts to enjoy almost the same degree of popularity than video content has but it did resurge in popularity over the past year. A lot of people are taking their time to download and then listen to podcasts which are advertising content and not only do publisher find it extremely easy to build content for niche audiences to listen to but their respective brands have it extremely easy for their products and services to be advertised taking into account that their podcasts can be easily integrated within other forms of media.

User-Generated Content

A lot of businesses are employing other people to generate their content for them as it comes to be one of the easiest ways in order to advertise products whilst keeping it effective. There are a lot of strategies in which other people can create content on your behalf such as opening a public forum where people engage with one another as well as sponsoring a website which specializes in social media promotion which not only do they add value to a specific market but they also spare a lot of effort and time in order for you to work on other strategies for promoting business.

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