Xbox One Controllers Coming In New Colors

Xbox One Controllers Coming In New Colors
InspiredImages / Pixabay

Microsoft is getting into the Valentine’s Day spirit with two new colors of Xbox One controllers. Of course, red is pretty much a given for the holiday, and the other color is actually a two-tone combination of green and orange. The Xbox team announced the two new wireless controllers on its Twitter feed on Tuesday.

Xbox One controllers in new colors

The red Xbox One controller is also two-tone, with the controller itself being a more muted red and the buttons and trim being sort of a glossy magenta. As you can see, the Xbox button retains its usual silver color, but with the addition of red on the X.

The green and orange Xbox One controller is mostly army or olive green, but there’s a bit of bright orange underneath the two thumb sticks. The Xbox One button is mostly silver again. Like the red Xbox One controller, the buttons have a glossy look to them, but unlike the red one, the glossy buttons match the color of the rest of the controller, relegating the orange just to the bottom of the thumb sticks.

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