Uber: The Definitive Fact File [INFOGRAPHIC]

Uber: The Definitive Fact File [INFOGRAPHIC]

When you consider the unique cost-savings method Uber uses to provide transportation, using only contractors and not their own equipment, you’ll appreciate the world’s largest transportation network even more. Uber has constant competition from LYFT, it’s top competitor. Both are alternative modes of private transportation that rival the traditional taxi, but only time will tell who eventually will win out overall.

Uber isn’t just in the US. In fact, it’s in 77 different countries. Of those countries, you’ll find Uber in 527 different cities. If you think that’s impressive, consider the fact that at the start of 2016, they had taken over a billion trips, but just six moths later, that number hit two billion. In fact, just in the month of June they made 62 million trips! In just five years, the number of miles travelled is enough for a round trip journey to Saturn.

The Uber app has over 8 million users and has been downloaded in the US 3.8 million times in just the month of July. While Uber lost $1.2 billion dollars during the first half of 2016, much of that went to drivers and now Uber is offering a fleet of self-driving cars for customers to summon, plugging the hole that leaked the loss.

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Who are these drivers Uber might be replacing? One fourth of them are over 50 years old with just 19 percent under 30. Only 14 percent of the drivers are women and the rest are male. Slightly over half, 51 percent, drive 15 hours a week or less, using it as part time income. About half the Uber drivers never drove for a living before signing up with Uber.

You probably already guessed that the top destinations for Uber are airports. They’re also topping the competition, LYFT for their share of Smartphone users. While it’s not quite 4 to 1, it’s close, with Uber having 8.4 percent and LYFT only having 2.3 percent.

Take a look at the facts about Uber to get a clearer picture of this industry giant.

Uber: The Definitive Fact File


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