Turn Your Xbox One S Into A Laptop: Here’s The Step-By-Step Guide

Turn Your Xbox One S Into A Laptop: Here’s The Step-By-Step Guide
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Xbox One S is one of the most compelling gaming consoles available today. When console modder Ben Heck tore it apart, he decided to turn it into a portable laptop instead of taking the easy route of putting it back together as it was. He has transformed an Xbox One S console into a laptop complete with cooling fans and a 1080p LCD screen. You can play games and watch movies on the go.

Doing something unique with the console

Ben Heck has put together a video of how he created the Xbox One S laptop using the innards of the console. Ben describes on his Element14 online show that he wanted to do something unique with the console’s components. The key components of the console are a power supply unit, a motherboard, a Blue-ray drive, and a hard drive. Ben used Adobe Illustrator and Microsoft OneNote to draw up the design ideas.

Check out this video for the detailed process:

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Heck used 3D printing, CNC machine to transform the Xbox One S

Heck moved the hard drive. He also had to extend the power cable of the Blue-ray drive. He used a new HDMI cable to connect to the display. Since the LCD screen consumes more power, Heck replaced the power supply with a more powerful one. He used a CNC machine and 3D printing to create different cases and components. For instance, he cut the aluminum base for the laptop with a CNC machine.

Ben Heck also had to reduce the size of the hardware. To ensure that it cooled properly, he replaced the large fans with two smaller ones. The final product looks impressive. However, the Xbox One S laptop cannot play games and videos in 4K due to the limitations of the LCD screen. Sure, you can get a gaming laptop in the market for the same price as an Xbox One S laptop, but this creation is unique.

Ben Heck’s laptop isn’t for sale

The laptop still needs to be plugged in for power. The Xbox One S is about 40% smaller than its predecessor. This process is not for the technically challenged people. Ben’s creation isn’t for sale, but it shows how people with engineering chops can create unique products from commonly available parts. Mobile gaming is not new. Sony tried it with PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo did it with 3DS. However, those products couldn’t run the current-generation of games.

This is not the first time a modder has turned Microsoft’s popular console into a laptop. In August last year, Ed Zarick started taking pre-orders for his mod Xbook One S. Ben Heck doesn’t intend to commercialize his product.

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