Super Bowl TV Deals: Don’t Miss Out On The Second-Best Time Of The Year

Super Bowl TV Deals: Don’t Miss Out On The Second-Best Time Of The Year

Nearly a third of Americans are planning to buy a TV this year, but it seems most will miss out on all the Super Bowl TV deals that are available. Only about 9% of those planning to buy one intend to do so in the two weeks before the Super Bowl, according to

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Super Bowl TV deals offer deep discounts

This is unfortunate because according to Consumer Reports, the weeks leading up to Super Bowl Sunday are the second-best time of the year to buy a new set based on the savings that are available. Studies show that Super Bowl TV deals strip an average of 22% off the price of a new set, leaving those who are lucky enough to grab one up in time for the big game with a stunning new window into the action. examined a selection of Super Bowl TV deals and compared them with the deals that were offered on Black Friday to demonstrate the savings that can be had by those smart enough to look. In most cases, the website compared the two exact same models, while in others, it compared similar units of the same brand with similar specs.

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Some Super Bowl TV deals are better than Black Friday

In most cases, Black Friday TV deals were better than those being offered for the Super Bowl, but Black Friday is the better part of a year away so you might not intend to wait that long for a new set. Also there were a few instances in which the Super Bowl TV deals were better than those offered on Black Friday.

For example, the 65-inch Sony Ultra-Slim 4K HDR Ultra HD LED Smart TV is on sale for about $1,800 for the Super Bowl at P.C. Richard & Son, but the same TV was offered at $2,000 on Black Friday. Amazon’s current deal on the 65-inch Samsung 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV is close to in line with what it was on Black Friday at $1,998; it’s about $2 better for the Super Bowl than it was for Black Friday at P.C. Richard & Son. Dell has a 40-inch Samsung LED Smart TV HDTV and a $100 promo card for $330, which is better than the Black Friday deal with the promo card

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