Samsung Showcases Its Own Battery Cell To Take On Tesla

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Tesla and Panasonic recently revealed that the mass production of their 2170 battery cell has started, claiming it has the highest energy density and is the cheapest mass-produced cell available. Now Samsung SDI has unveiled a battery cell of its own at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) 2017 and a new prismatic cell as well, according to Electrek.

Based on same format as TeslaPanasonic one

Samsung’s battery cells will be based on the same (TeslaPanasonic) format. However, the company is referring to it as 21700, the more traditional term. It is possible to fit twice as many 21700 cells in the new battery module, claims Samsung SDI. The new prismatic cell gives a range of up to 600 km (370 miles) and can quick-charge EVs in 20 minutes, notes Electrek. Nothing more about the two new products than that has been revealed

In a press release, the Korean firm said: “Samsung SDI introduced in its customer exhibition a ‘high-energy density battery cell of the next generation for a driving range of up to 600km that can fast charge EVs in 20 minutes’ as well as an ‘integrated battery module’ concept with a 10% decrease in component units and weight compared to the currently produced models.”

Tesla has an advantage over others

Samsung SDI says the 21700 cylindrical battery cell model comes with improved energy density and offers better power and performance. Automobile startups in the U.S. are adopting this technology in their EVs, and hence, it is attracting more focus, the press release said. Startups like Lucid Motors and Faraday Future are referred to when U.S. startups are talked about, notes Electrek.

Faraday Future recently announced a 130 kWh battery pack capable of running 378 miles per single charge, while the Chevy Bolt, a three-time award winner, is said to have 238 miles of range. Electric car startup Lucid Motors is planning to introduce an electric car with a 400-mile range which will have Samsung SDI battery cells powering it.

Automakers seeking to gain traction within this new segment are making promises that their EVs will offer long ranges. Despite that, a big challenge ahead is to have a charging infrastructure to support continuous long distance travel, notes Teslarati. Since Tesla has a global Supercharger network of its own, it has a distinct advantage over others.

On Monday, Tesla shares closed up 0.99% at $231.28.

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