Chorus Of Opposition To Mnuchin Growing

Chorus Of Opposition To Mnuchin Growing
Steve Mnuchin Image source: FBN Video Screenshot

With Treasury Secretary nominee Steven Mnuchin’s Senate confirmation hearing set for this Thursday, advocates for reining in the power of Wall Street are raising serious concerns based on Mnuchin’s history at Goldman Sachs and especially his aggressive foreclosure practices at the helm of OneWest Bank. A growing number of OneWest borrowers are coming forward and becoming the face of the outcry against Mnuchin. Some even plan to be in Washington, DC this week to witness Mr. Mnuchin’s confirmation hearing and share their stories with lawmakers.

Steven Mnuchin

Mr. Mnuchin’s nomination to Secretary Treasury has already been dogged by numerous stories of sympathetic struggling homeowners being forced from their homes during the depths of the financial crash while Mnuchin and fellow investors enriched themselves. They include a 90-year old Florida woman who faced foreclosure after a payment was short by twenty-seven cents, and a Minnesota woman who returned home from work in the middle of a blizzard to find the locks changed on her house while trying to negotiate a loan modification.

Several of the homeowners who faced foreclosure from Mnuchin’s bank are now become increasingly vocal and active, working in partnership with financial reform and housing advocates and Democrats in the Senate who are raising questions about Mnuchin’s fitness for the office.

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