This Math App For The iPhone Will Either Make You Smarter Or Dumb Down Society More

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Who needs to learn math anymore? There’s a new math app for the iPhone that lets you take a picture of any problem and then delivers the answer; and it even shows its work. So if you prefer to take the easy way out by cheating, Socratic will just do your math homework for you. I’m sure this isn’t what the creators of the app intended by making it, however, so hopefully students will take advantage of everything it has to teach because it actually looks like an excellent 21st century way to learn, especially for those who are struggling, whether in math or other subjects.

Cheating with the Socratic math app

On the plus side, this math app can help you with difficult problems if you take the time to learn from it and study how the app got the answer instead of just copying it down on your math homework. After all, most teachers want their students to show their work instead of just jotting down the answer. Suddenly showing your work doesn’t necessarily mean you took the time to work out the answer, thanks to the Socratic math app.

The way the app works is very simple. You can take a picture of the math problem in the app, or you can enter it manually. The app then figures the answer and provides a step-by-step explanation of how it got the answer. It combines computer vision technology with artificial intelligence to provide the answers. The math app also brings up YouTube videos to provide further explanations on various topics.

Socratic also works with other subjects

Socratic is much more than just a math app for the iPhone, however, as it also works with other school subjects like science. In the case of answers requiring words, the app is the ultimate form of laziness because you can just take a picture of the question instead of typing it into a search engine.

If you’re interested, you can download Socratic from the Apple App Store, and it has no in-app purchases. It’s rated five stars on the App Store and has received quite a few rave reviews.

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