Some MacBook Owners Finding Coins Wedged Inside Of Them

Some MacBook Owners Finding Coins Wedged Inside Of Them
<em>Image Source: Apple.Inc</em>

Anyone who has ever bought a MacBook knows just how expensive they are, but it seems Apple is—whether intentionally or unintentionally—giving some a penny or 25 cent discount. It’s either that, or the iPhone maker is turning to unconventional materials to make its laptops go, as some are reportedly finding coins inside their MacBooks—and we don’t mean bitcoin or another digital currency that could easily be stored on a computer.

Coin found in a MacBook

Imgur user Greatease actually found a penny under the cover of the SuperDrive in his MacBook. And what makes the story even more interesting is that this person isn’t the only one to find a coin in their MacBook. Greg Kilpatrick posted a video in 2010 showing a quarter that was wedged in the optical drive of his Apple laptop. Further, half of the people who commented on the video said they had also found a coin in their MacBook, although no one has been able to offer an explanation for why this is happening.

Apparently this isn’t an isolated incident, as people are finding not only pennies or quarters but other coins. It’s not even limited to the U.S., as some report coins from different countries being found inside their MacBooks, and the issue has affected several different models.

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A simple explanation?

So why does this keep happening? Is it a marketing stunt by Apple? Cult of Mac offered a very simple explanation for this mystery, although we have no way of knowing if this is the answer without hearing from those who did find coins in their MacBooks. The suggestion is simply that the laptop was placed into a bag with loose change jingling around in the bottom of it, and then a coin managed to work its way into the computer’s casing.

On the surface, this seems questionable, but one person who commented on an article on this topic posted on Gizmodo uncovered a way for coins to get under the sealed plastic casing of the computer. He explained that if a coin happens to get inside the optical drive when the “hub is depressed (disk installed), it can slide through the round hole that the hub retracts into when there is no disk installed.”

Kids will be kids

Another possibility is kids shoving things into the slots, as one person who claimed to have worked at the Genius Bar in an Apple Store said they frequently found various items inside MacBooks and that kids were responsible for jamming those items in there the vast majority of the time. He said they found coins, paperclips and other small slim items.

And so when you’re low on change, it’s been said to clean out the couch cushions to find some spare coins, but apparently Apple’s laptops could be a source of lost coinage as well. Of course it isn’t recommended that you take the cover off of it just to look for coins because a penny or even a quarter probably isn’t worth it to you if you were able to afford a MacBook.

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