LG G6: Design, Display, Camera, Specs, Release Date


With all the talk surrounding new handsets from Samsung and Apple, it’s not surprising that most have forgotten about the launch of LG’s next flagship, the LG G6. So today we’re going to share with you everything we know about it. Most of this information is unconfirmed, with the majority being rumor-based, so take it with a grain of salt.

LG G6 Rumors
Image Source: Samir Makwana

LG G6 coming in early 2017

Like many smartphone manufacturers, LG normally announces a new top-of-the-line handset early in the new year. Last year, it announced the G5 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and seeing as the event is scheduled to begin on February 27 and continue until March 2, it’s highly likely that LG will choose that period to announce the handset.


Having scoured the various commentaries about what is expected with the G6, one thing that sticks out the most is its possible lack of modular capabilities. In 2016, LG made the bold move of making the G5 modular; for those who don’t know, that meant you could remove and add extra functionality. So this means that LG decided to leave out what was once considered to be the future technology of smartphones, meaning that it just didn’t work, probably because the extra modular pieces cost money and there were never many available to buy in the first place.

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As for other changes, rumors suggest that tempered glass could make an appearance on the rear of the LG G6. This would also be a departure from what was the aluminum finish of the G5, but it will hopefully give it a more premium feel.

Also an IP68 rating could yet again make it onto the next flagship. However, this time an improved waterproofing adhesive could be used, making it more reliable. Finally, critics seem to hope that there won’t be another rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, but this is one area of design where there is little information.

lg g6 front
Image Source: Samir Makwana


It’s long been the hope of LG’s fans that one day its handset’s displays will rival those found on the Samsung S7 range. Not so long ago, positive rumors promoted the use of a curved OLED panel for the LG G6. However, due to global supplies of the technology being so low, it’s more likely to have a similar display to that of the G5.

Strangely, LG manufactures OLED panels for Samsung and Apple. Those panels even appear on its own TVs and wearables, but the number required for mass production will probably not be available in time for LG to utilize.

It’s thought that the display will be somewhere between 5.3 and 5.5 inches in size and feature a similar quad HD-LCD panel as the previous flagship. Other rumors suggest that the LG G6 will get a 3D glass panel manufactured by the Biel Company on its front. The panel isn’t expected to be curved like that found on the S7 Edge, but it could be more like the tempered edged display found on the regular S7.

Image Source: Samir Makwana


If you thought the iPhone 7 Plus was the first smartphone to feature a dual-lens camera setup, you’re wrong! LG has employed the technology on a number of its previous devices, and it looks as though the LG G6 could be another recipient of this tech.

However, there are suggestions that the Korean tech company could go one step further in 2017 and include an all-in-one iris and camera sensor, but there is little to no detail on this matter. The dual-lens camera is expected to again be a standard sensor coupled with a wide-angle sensor like its predecessor, but again, no news/rumors are circling about its specifications.

Wireless charging

According to Android Authority, the G6 was supposed to be getting an innovative wireless charging system, but now, for unknown reasons, it seems we will have to wait for the G7. Similar to what has been talked about for the iPhone 8, this wireless charging system was said to have been able to charge the LG G6 at a distance of up to 70mm.


Next year will bring a new breed of Qualcomm Snapdragons to the market, with the LG G6 being a recipient of such technologies. Right now the jury is out on whether it will get an 830 or 835 chip. However, either would be a worthy powerhouse for the device.

We could see either 4GB or 6GB of RAM, but again, it’s too early to know for sure. Some have suggested 32GB as a starting point for internal storage, with increased storage being possible via a MicroSD card. But we hope that LG decides to make 64GB with MicroSD support its new minimums.

An increase to a 3,000mAh minimum battery would be welcomed, although you probably know the G5 had a 2,800mAh device, which on the whole performed well.

With the only information available coming from rumors, leaks, and design renders, It’s clearly a little too early to be positive or negative about the LG G6. So we will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed as more information becomes available.

Images via: Samir Makwana/Mysmartprice.com.

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