What Futuristic Tech Could Be Inside Your Next Home? [Interactive Inforgraphic]

Futuristic Tech Home

The smart home of the near future will use sensors, apps, and unprecedented connectivity to make our lives safer and easier.

But what will our homes look like in the more distant future, beyond the implementation of advanced home monitoring systems and other smart devices?

The future is bizarre

Today’s interactive infographic comes to us from RS Components, and it previews some of the upcoming technologies that futurists see inside your next home.

And while some of the examples are easy to imagine, such as “smart windows” that can automatically turn from translucent to opaque with the touch of a button, others are a little more difficult to picture.

Bathroom doctor: The trend of thinner and cheaper displays will climax in the near future, when your bathroom mirror turns into a personal doctor. By the year 2030, a futuristic toilet will run diagnostics on your bathroom sessions, and your GP in the mirror will alert you of potential illnesses, deficiencies, or other material data.

Invisibility cloaks: By changing the way that light interacts with objects, invisibility cloaks could be used to “hide” ugly objects in your next home. See a video clip that explains the upcoming “Harry Potter” technology here.

3D Food Printing: Star Trek replicators are not far off – by the year 2045, food will be 3D printed from scratch in kitchens. Perhaps more importantly, 3D food printing will allow us to make use of things that are currently less desirable for use in traditional cuisine, such as algae, beet leaves, or insects.

Dish Spa: Similar to a fish spa treatment, your future dishes will be cleaned by robotic fish in a tank by 2050. They’ll apparently take the remains of your food and convert it to a biofuel.

Want some other strange predictions about the technology of the future?

Check out what the Earth may be like 100 years from now.

Article by Jeff Desjardins, Visuaal Capitalist

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