Here Comes A Wearable To Monitor Blood Alcohol In Real Time

Here Comes A Wearable To Monitor Blood Alcohol In Real Time

The BACtrack Skyn is the first wearable blood alcohol monitor for real-time data tracking in the world. It even includes a model made as a strap for the Apple Watch. The wrist strap is expected to be released during the American summer for around $99 with the Apple Watch strap and simple wristband options, says CNET.

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BACtrack Skyn: the world’s first wearable alcohol monitor

Wearables have been tracking our heart rates and our steps, but finally there is a wrist strap to track our blood alcohol level constantly. A user can wear the BACtrack Skyn on their wrist, either as a standalone wearable or integrated into an Apple Watch band. The app that connects to either of the devices provides actionable and powerful data.

This tracking band is not just for people who want to check how far they can go with their drink without getting extremely drunk. This kind of tracking has the potential to give many people a highly detailed assessment of how their body handles alcohol, how fast they get drunk and how quickly they get sober, says CNET. A user can simply glance at their watch to know their approximate alcohol level in real time.

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Unlike a breath test, this real-time tool can give a person a clear trend on how their blood alcohol content is shifting. Often, we forget that the last drink can take some time before hitting our system, but this tracker can make a guess as to where you are going to end up if you continue drinking. To flag exactly when you had a drink, you can add notes to the tracking app to see when the effects hit your system.

BACtrack Skyn is a major breakthrough

The BACtrack Skyn can be very useful for health and safety at both individual and societal levels. More than 10,000 Americans die in alcohol-related auto accidents every year.

BACtrack sees plenty of mainstream curiosity for this new tool, but the largest potential for this device lies in medical research. Currently, there is no reliable and affordable solution available to researchers and clinicians for monitoring a patient or participant’s alcohol level continuously.

BACtrack CEO and President Keith Nothacker said they are excited to introduce a breakthrough innovation in alcohol monitoring, making it easy for people to track their blood alcohol level accurately, passively and in near-real time.

“We’re thrilled to finally share these devices, which have been in development for more than two years,” Nothacker said.

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