How Wargaming’s ‘World of Tanks’ Makes Its Millions

How Wargaming’s ‘World of Tanks’ Makes Its Millions

World Of Tanks  review from WSJ followed by more info on Amazon. Also check out any deals there on both the game (currently on 16 percent sale) and the console as there are a ton of great sales right now on gaming products

Published on Dec 6, 2016

Wargaming’s six-year-old “World of Tanks” franchise pulled in more than $550 million in revenue in 2015. The game is based on the freemium model, meaning it’s free to play but makes its money from premium features, as Mark Kelly reports. Image: Wargaming

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Video on the game below and link to purchase game here

World Of Tanks


About the Product

Premium Panzer 38H Tier II light tank – Dominate with this heavily armored and quick firing dynamo
200,000 Silver & 1,500 Gold – Perfect for upgrading your tank and additional in-game content
30-Day Xbox Live Gold Membership
3 Days of Premium Account Access – Earn 50% more experience and Silver per battle
Product Description

Join millions in the global online gaming phenomenon, custom built for Xbox 360. Take command of the most powerful World War II-era tanks and engage in epic 15 vs. 15 battles with players from around the world in the fight for global online supremacy.
You can download this game for free from xbox live. You can play for free (though you will upgrade tanks and generate in-game money slower). If you are thinking of buying this for a little kid you should wait. You will need xbox live gold subscription, the internet etc. This game has a steep learning curve and is drastically different from COD. Many young players do not have the patience to stick with this game and give up in frustration fairly soon.

2nd thing to note…this game is difficult. An online poll found the average age of active players to be mid-thirties. Oldest ages were in the 70’s. If you are buying for a young child they will be up against adults who are into tanks as a hobby. At a minimum many of the good players in the game will study the armor zones, weak spots, penetration values of the guns, shell types, angle percentages and the rate it increases/decrease armor effectiveness. Not to say that young kids cannot enjoy the game but it has a steep learning curve and there will be many games that will be over very quickly because they will run into players who know these tanks inside and out.

Buy it here

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