Tips For The Best Office Christmas Party [INFOGRAPHIC]

Make your office Christmas party shine and surprise your employees with little gifts

With Christmas around the corner, it’s also your employees that deserve to finish up the great year with joy and fun. That’s the time for an organizing committee to come up on the stage and prepare the best Christmas office party ever.

The committee’s responsibility is to gather everyone from the office and let them spend an amazing night full of unforgettable moments. But, what to do if you do not have an organizing committee at hand?

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Then follow these steps to make sure that everything is all set. The most important step is to start planning on time. Choose the best day so everyone has time. Friday evening is probably the best day to throw Christmas party. It is a great way to kick off the weekend and gives enough time to recover until Monday.

Decide on a venue for the party, and make a reservation as soon as possible. Now it’s time for creativity- what would be the theme of the party? Should people prepare costumes or just dress up? And finally, be aware of how much money you are able to spend.

Next step is to send invitations to people so they can mark their calendars with this special date. What you definitely have  to include in the invitation is the date, time, and place. In case of a theme or a costume party, include more detailed information. But, not everything – you want to leave out some surprises for the party!  Give your colleagues enough time to prepare the outfit and get excited.

Another important step is to decide on the music. Make it as christmasy as possible, but in case of a crazy costume party, adjust the music as well.

So as to create an exciting atmosphere and break the ice at the beginning, you better also come up with fun games and competition. Remember, you are in charge of making everyone engaged and having fun. So, already when sending reminders, include jokes or small competition to boost excitement.

All these small details will make your colleagues feel as a part of a team and get ready for the best party of the year!

Still wondering how this party should look like? Check out the infographic created by Market Inspector and create the best Christmas party for your colleagues.

Have fun!

Office Christmas Party