New Study Shows Potential To Reverse Aging Process In Mice

New Study Shows Potential To Reverse Aging Process In Mice
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In a study published in the journal Cell this week, scientists have shown some success with using stem cells to reverse the aging process in laboratory mice but quickly point out that the same process won’t work with humans.. for now.

Stem cells find a new use given their ability to remain young

Ponce de Leon, the first to discover present day Florida, spent most of his life there and elsewhere searching for the fountain of youth. Indiana Jones’ father, as well as an uncountable number of others, have spent their lives searching for the legendary Holy Grail that is meant to grant immortality to its bearer. Humans largely don’t wish to die and have been in a constant search for medicines and even legends that would expand their lives since nearly the beginning of human existence. American’s, on average, incur over 80% of lifetime medical expenses in the final five years of their lives. It should come as no surprise that modern day scientists are constantly seeking out ways to keep us alive and reap the financial rewards.

That is certainly the case at the Salk Institue in La Jolla, California where scientists have shown the ability to rejuvenate the organs of mice and, with that, extend their lives by around 30 percent.

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