Pokemon Go Gen 2: Here Are All The New Characters

Pokemon Go Gen 2: Here Are All The New Characters
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Pokemon Go fans were expecting new characters for quite some time. On Monday, Niantic announced the entry of Gen 2 Pokemon into the game. But not all of them would come at once. Players were hoping for about 100 characters to arrive as part of the much-anticipated December update. However, only a handful of Pokemon Go Gen 2 characters have become available. The remaining ones will be rolled out over the next few weeks or months.

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List of Pokemon Go Gen 2 baby characters

Niantic has added one more twist to the saga. Players won’t be able to catch the new Pokemon in the wild. Instead, they will have to hatch the new Pokemon from an egg picked up at a Pokestop. Niantic said the new characters include Togepi, Pichu, and “select” Pokemon from Pokemon Gold and Silver.

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The Pokemon Go developer has also released a special edition Pikachu that wears a “festive hat.” But it will appear only until 11 am PST on December 29th. Though Niantic did not reveal the names of all the Pokemon Go Gen 2 characters rolled out so far, users from around the world have discovered multiple “baby” Pokemon into the game. The Pokedex has also spilled the beans on all the Pokemon Go Gen 2 baby characters you can hatch from eggs.

Here are the new characters:

  1. Pichu: It hatches from a five kilometers egg. Pichu, the baby form of Pikachu, requires a total of 25 candy to evolve into its grown up form.
  2. Togepi: It hatches from a 5km egg. However, Togepi does not evolve into a first generation Pokemon. It evolves into a Pokemon Go Gen 2 adult called Togetic.
  3. Cleffa: It evolves into Clefairy. Cleffa comes from a 2km egg.
  4. Igglypuff: It transforms into Jigglypuff. Hatches from a 2km egg.
  5. Elekid: This one evolves into Electabuzz. It is one of the three baby characters that hatch from 10km egg.
  6. Magby: This cute baby is the miniature version of Magmar. Just like Elekid, it hatches from 10km egg.
  7. Smoochum: It evolves into Jynx and hatches from 10km eggs.

Eighth Pokemon yet to be spotted

The eighth baby Tyrogue is yet to be spotted in Pokemon Go. Tyrogue is one baby that can evolve into Gen 1’s Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee, as well as Gen 2’s Hitmontop. Magby and Elekid are also spotted rarely, which indicates that they may not be as common as other Gen 2 characters.

Pokemon Go became an instant hit after its release in July. At the end of November, the game had been downloaded more than 600 million times. Niantic has also partnered with Sprint and Starbucks. However, in recent months the game has experienced a slow down in terms of usage. The availability of Pokemon Go Gen 2 characters could help boost user excitement.

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