Nintendo Details The Future Of Gaming To FCC

Nintendo Details The Future Of Gaming To FCC
Image source: YouTube Video Screenshot

Nintendo gave U.S. regulators the exclusive on the latest details of its upcoming console, the Nintendo Switch, a video game system designed from a different approach to the next generation of consoles, according to December filings with the Federal Communications Commission.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s traditionally non-traditional approach to new platforms was confirmed for the Switch in October. The company dropped an upbeat YouTube trailer showing a dock with a portable screen and detachable controllers. The two controller halves detach from a traditional-looking controller and attach to both sides of the docked screen, which lets users take their game seamlessly from a home television to a walk in the park or party with friends, where they can detach the controllers again for multiplayer.

The trailer focuses heavily on the Switch’s portability, and shows players taking the portable screen on flights, road trips, walks with the dog and social gatherings. That makes battery life the first big question, and while the FCC filings don’t detail an average charge according to engadget, they do reveal the battery will be non-removable or interchangeable on page four of a test report.

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