Mark Yusko – A Conversation Between Capitalists (Part 2)

Mark Yusko – A Conversation Between Capitalists (Part 2)
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Following directly on from yesterday’s first part of my conversation with Mark Yusko, CEO and CIO of Morgan Creek Capital, today I have part two of my chat with Mark.

This time we discuss a wide range of topics:

  • From OPEC, to European financials, and the US stock market to what Mark is excited about.
  • We also engaged in a fascinating discussion about the market which Mark really likes (and one that Kyle Bass hates).
  • Then we also talked about a topic which Worth Wray (you can listen to my conversation with Worth here and here) and I have been throwing around and how this could potentially solve an important demographic issue.

Listen to the second part of my conversation with Mark Yusko here:

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– Chris

“Our job in the investment business is to look at all the pertinent facts, form a hypothesis and execute investment strategies to try and capitalize on opportunities that we see. Investing is all about taking intelligent risks, those risks you are compensated correctly for taking.” — Mark Yusko


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