Kickass Torrents Reincarnated by Original Staff Members

Kickass Torrents Reincarnated by Original Staff Members

Some of the original staff of Kickass Torrents have taken it upon themselves to breathe life back into the taken-down site. It’s been just six months since the torrents site was abruptly and without word shut down. These ex-staffers have the site up again, and it has the same look and feel. Even the community is there. However, there have been some problems due to the sheer amount of traffic attained.

Kickass Torrents: what you need to know

A short while after the take-down, the staff of the site decided to bring back the community, and now in their latest move, they have relaunched the infamous torrent site, which may leave one or two of them in the line of fire. Because authorities arrested Artem Vaulin for allegedly operating the site in July, now their attention may turn to the staff.

However, in the meantime, the staff are doing their best to bring the site back to its vast community. One member of the team told TorrentFreak:

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“The majority of our original staff, admins, and moderation team joined us after went down — which is something we’re very proud of.”

“This shows the loyalty, dedication, and real love for KAT that we all share. We have all our major uploaders on board, and they continued to share tirelessly even before the torrent engines returned. The torrent community can continue to expect to see uploads from all the names they know and trust.”

Up but with a few hitches

So while the site is said to be online and ready for action, it has had some downtime, mainly due to server overload. However, there have been other issues which have pressed its staff to take it down and leave the following message for would-be visitors:

“Servers Load have been affected, there are other few sources of this issue, it’s not just one. We are working to fix this as soon as possible .. one thing is for sure, we are not going anywhere, even as much these behind this acts want us to. Cowards always choose the shadows to commit their acts, and I do personally hope they know how to pray, they will need it.”

On a more positive note, Kickass Torrents has managed to keep all of its major admins, mod team, and uploaders. Apparently they continued to share content even before the Torrents software switched on again. Additionally, in the conversation with, the site’s staff insisted that the community will continue to exist, share and upload.

Be wary of fakes

If you’re reading this and are not familiar with Kickass Torrents, it was big! In fact, it was so big that as soon as it disappeared from the internet, some copycat sites popped up. Unfortunately though, some of these sites haven’t been set up by ex-community members or staffers. Instead, they were created by criminals looking to capture sensitive details about those who visit.

So is the re-launch of a site and community which is still under active investigation by U.S. Homeland Security foolish? Or could the arrest and detaining of a non-US citizen on foreign soil and subjecting him to U.S. law yet prove fruitless? After all, according to the law, having a site like Kickass Torrents is not illegal if it does not store content, and that’s exactly what Artem Vaulin is using as his defense.

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