iPhone 8 Pencil Will Be A Serious Competition To Galaxy Note 8

iPhone 8 Pencil Will Be A Serious Competition To Galaxy Note 8
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A new Galaxy Note 8 stylus to rival the Apple Pencil is being mooted, after the head honcho of the Californian corporation spoke on the subject recently. Tim Cook stated in an interview that Apple is currently investigating the possibility of utilizing the Apple Pencil in future editions of the iPhone series.

Cook speaks on Apple Pencil

“If you’ve ever seen what can be created on an iPhone or an iPad with that pencil, it’s really unbelievable,” the Apple CEO asserted in an interview. And Cook went on to clear the way for the Apple Pencil to be part of the iPhone 8. Coupled with a recently published patent from Apple, the comments of this key figure at the consumer electronics giant indicates that an iPhone Apple Pencil will happen sooner rather than later.

Published this week by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, as noted by Patently Apple, was the latest patent in a long line of submissions from the Apple Corporation. ‘Devices and Methods for Manipulating User Interfaces with a Stylus’ indicates that it would be perfectly plausible for a stylus to be utilized with a handset. It also seems likely that a wider range of apps with both the iPhone and iPad Pro will be made compatible with this technology in the future.

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Galaxy Note 8 – Software hookups

One section of the patents application illustrates how it would be possible for the Apple Pencil to be used with Apple’s iMessage app. This will be particularly attractive for Apple, as the software received a significant makeover with the latest iOS release. Apple Pencil functionality for iMovie, The video-editing software includedThe Apple operating system, Is also notable, with the painting suggesting numerous ways that the functionality of the Apple Pencil could be deepened in the future.

With numerous illustrations in the latest Apple patent pointing to an iPhone stylus appearing in the near future, it will be interesting to see how Samsung responds with the Galaxy Note 8. An earlier release of the phablet is anticipated in 2017, following the disastrous explosion issue which caused Samsung to ultimately recall the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung, in fact, is far more associated with stylus technology, having included an S Pen with recent phablet releases. But with Apple now willing to move into this area with the phablet versions of the iPhone, it seems that Samsung will have to deliver something outstanding with the Galaxy Note range to set it apart from the iPhone 8.

This is an additional pressure on the Galaxy Note 8 that Samsung could likely do without. On the other hand, there is no doubt that Samsung will have to deliver something truly outstanding when the Galaxy Note 8 is released, in order to overcome the negative publicity induced by the Note 7. Consumers should significantly benefit from this PR disaster, with the general expectation being that the Galaxy will retail at the same price point as the Note 7, or possibly even slightly cheaper, while benefiting from a massively improved spec list.

Display – 4K resolution

The Galaxy Note 8 could be the first mobile device from Samsung to include 4K resolution, as has been widely tipped in the media. Samsung has become strongly associated with outstanding display technology over the years, and there could be particular pressure on the Korean corporation to up its game in 2017. Apple is being strongly linked with OLED technology for the iPhone 8, and is also likely to release the first ever curved display iPhone model.

This means that the Galaxy Note range will no longer stand out from the crowd, and its great rival, and thus Samsung may decide to opt to upgrade to 4K resolution in and attempt to do so. It has also been suggested that the display size of the Galaxy Note 8 may be increased in comparison to this year’s doomed release as well.

Other specs

Samsung is also expected to arm the Galaxy Note 8 with 6GB of RAM, while battery improvements will be made as well. Samsung is naturally exploring this latter part of the Galaxy Note 8 diligently, after the exploding battery that it fitted in the Galaxy Note 7!

USB-C connectivity, support for wireless charging and IP68 certification will all be included, bezels will be largely eliminated and Samsung may integrate some external features within a touchscreen display.

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    “If you’ve ever seen what can be created on a Galaxy Note device with that pencil, it’s really unbelievable,” the Apple CEO asserted in an interview.
    P.S. Timmy boy, it is an S-pen, not pencil. You dummy.

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