Indian ‘Gold Ban’ A Portent Of Major Events?

Indian ‘Gold Ban’ A Portent Of Major Events?

Gold Manipulators

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The price of gold (and silver) is presently falling. This was previously predicted as far back as the middle of February. Precious metals prices will almost certainly continue to fall, soon accompanied by a general crash in our markets and economies. The need (for the banking crime syndicate) to depress precious metals markets is to create the illusion that these metals are not safe havens, when panicked people are looking for somewhere to place the remnants of their wealth.

Gold Ban

However, in order to create a veneer of legitimacy in these serially rigged markets, it’s necessary to fabricate a pretext for the decline in precious metals prices. This is coming from the mouths of the same talking-heads who only a few months earlier were crowing about “a new and very long bull market” for gold. It is in this light that we can view the latest propaganda nonsense from the Corporate media: the “India gold ban” .

Regular readers have already seen this theater previously. Three years ago; India’s previous government began radically curbing gold imports, culminating in a near-total ban in gold imports to the world’s greatest gold-lovers, and second-largest population. As was explained at the time , the ban on gold was for no reason in terms of economic fundamentals.

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What was actually happening at that time is that the One Bank was blackmailing that government to do something about the extremely strong gold demand, and larger-than-normal gold imports which were flowing into India. So the Big Banks did what these convicted currency-manipulators do every time they want to punish any particular nation, they manipulated India’s currency – lower. These convicted currency-manipulators continued pushing the rupee lower and lower until the gold ban was initiated by India’s government. At that point, the downward plunge in the rupee instantly and magically disappeared.

The ban didn’t work. It didn’t work (from the perspective of the One Bank) for several reasons. The ban on official gold imports simply inspired Indians to reopen centuries-old gold smuggling routes. Those smuggling routes had only been previously closed, voluntarily, after India’s government liberalized its gold market when it abolished the Gold Control Act in 1990.

The 2013 gold ban also failed because the moderate restriction of inflows of gold into India motived the Indian people to buy much larger quantities of silver, shattering previous import records for that metal. Finally, in banning the official importing of gold – and provoking gold smuggling – this meant that a blackmarket for gold arose in India, the automatic partner of any large-scale smuggling.

What accompanies blackmarkets? A blackmarket price for gold : a real-world price for gold where there would be no direct means for the banking crime syndicate to manipulate that price. It was for all these reasons that the One Bank relented on its previous blackmailing of India’s government, and allowed that nation to resume normal importing of gold.

Flash ahead to 2016; and some things are now different. There is a new regime in India, an extremely corrupt government which does not require blackmailing by the One Bank because the bankers already own this regime. This was previously demonstrated when this puppet government announced its “gold deposit scheme” (scam). It was such a laughably transparent attempt to steal the gold from the Indian people that it failed miserably.

While the corrupt Modi regime has denied it has plans to block imports, this denial comes despite weeks of persistent rumors that the government intends to “impose curbs” on India’s gold market. Based on these fears, premiums to buy gold in India jumped to a two-year high.

Again, as before, there is no reason for this attack on India’s gold imports. The official propaganda is that (ironically) this suppression of the gold market is aimed at reducing the amount of “black money” circulating in India’s economy. This propaganda is nonsensical for two reasons. First, we live in a world where the Big Banks are allowed to launder $trillions in dirty money for the drug cartels, and for supposed “terrorist entities”.

The banking crime syndicate is never punished for this serial money-laundering, despite the U.S.’s supposed “War on Terror” and “War on Drugs”. Yet here we have India’s (corrupt) government announcing increasingly draconian measures aimed at alleged money-laundering activities which only amount to $millions each year.

The second absurdity here was already noted. Any serious restriction of legitimate gold imports into India will instantly and automatically result in systemic gold-smuggling. That gold-smuggling will result in the blackmarket which inevitably accompanies smuggling. You can’t reduce the amount of “black money” in India’s economy by creating a blackmarket.

The final absurdity here is the increasingly hysterical hype emanating from the mainstream media in the West, to accompany this new (and doomed to fail) attack on India’s gold market:

Gold Ban – Potential gold-import ban by India could be biggest bombshell since Nixon

This propaganda is both laughable and nonsensical. It’s nonsensical to suggest that ta (potential) second ban on India’s gold imports would be the “biggest bombshell” in the gold market in nearly half a century, when we already saw a ban on India’s gold imports three years ago – and the first ban failed. It’s laughable for the same reason: we already know that (at worst) this will be nothing more than a small-and-temporary deterrent to overall gold demand.

The fact that the mainstream media in the West have jumped all over the rumors coming from India is further proof that the propaganda machine is back to full-manipulation mode, and all talk of the Fake Rally has been abandoned. If these two-faced mouthpieces were even neutral toward the gold market, we could not possibly be seeing such bearishly one-sided and inaccurate propaganda about events in India.

While this current push in India will have no long-term effect on the gold market, the potential for a short-term disruption of imports into that nation is acknowledged. In this respect the timing of the latest announcement from the One Bank’s puppets in India is interesting.

What will happen when the One Bank crashes our markets and economies, and slams precious metals prices even lower to accompany this? Demand for gold and silver will explode higher throughout the Rest of the World, with populations which have not been brainwashed into forgetting the eternal wealth-protection provided by gold and silver. In this respect, the rumored attack by the Modi regime on India’s gold market can be seen as a closely-choreographed, preemptive move.

We know the general crash in our markets and economies is coming, but we don’t know when. Now we have an apparent move aimed at manipulating gold market demand in the world’s largest gold market which can/will only have a short-term impact on precious metals markets. This appears to be a strong indicator that the Next Crash is coming very soon.

Regular readers will recall that this Crash was originally pegged to occur in the middle of this year, pre-U.S. election, to follow the pattern of crashes in previous bubble-and-crash cycles. With the Next Crash now about to occur immediately after a new puppet regime has been elected/appointed in the United States, this suggests that an exogenous “cause” for this Crash will be fabricated by the banking crime syndicate. This will be done in order to prevent their new puppets from being fingered as the scapegoats for this Crash.

As has been previously suggested , the most likely exogenous event to be manufactured as camouflage for a Crash is, as always, a new war, or perhaps some “terrorist” false-flag event. We are left with the following, implied chain of events. India’s government is apparently in the process of creating a temporary bottleneck in Indian gold demand. This implies that the Next Crash is nigh. In turn, this implies that the Next War is just around the corner.

Gold Ban Article by Jeff Nielson, Sprott Money

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