How to share Facebook ‘Happy Holiday Cards’ with your friends and family

How to share Facebook ‘Happy Holiday Cards’ with your friends and family
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Facebook has rolled out a new feature today, which means you will see messages at the top of your news feed. These messages will prompt you, your friends and family to share important moments that happen around the world. They can be cultural moments or even happy holiday cards, and there is a wide section to choose from.

Facebook happy holiday Cards

Facebook first rolled out its Happy Holiday Cards in the U.S., examples of which were reminders not to miss the recent Super Moon, and cards wishing people Happy Thanksgiving. According to the social media giant it wants to:

“Give people ways to connect and share with friends during holidays and events.”

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“Help people discover fun and interesting cultural moments.”

“Celebrate moments in history that continue to make the world more open and connected.”

Additionally, you will now be able to see a message from Facebook wishing you a happy holiday. The social media giant is inviting users to share holiday cards with their friends and family. So far it has created a set of 18 differently-designed cards to choose from, including cards for those who celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and also options for those who just like the winter, with a card displaying a snowman cookie.

How to share and tag

Once a user has taken a look through the cards and chosen one, they can add their own message, tag friends, and family, and even share it to their feeds. Facebook has indicated that more options and card choices will roll out following this initial launch.

Some are comparing these Facebook holiday cards to Google’s doodle, in which Google’s logo is regularly updated to reflect a major event or holiday season. When clicked, it will take a user to relevant information about the subject reflected in the doodle.

The future of messages and holiday cards

One interesting point worth mentioning about this new feature is how Facebook’s CMO sees it. Gary Brigs has described it as a new “marketing program,” which possibly means that he sees it as a future way to earn revenue. It could mean that Facebook sees it as something more than a place to share holiday greetings and moments. Instead, it could also be used to entice advertisers to pay premium rates.

Whatever the reasoning behind it, the fact that holiday cards are available to be sent does mean that it will get some serious use in the run-up to Christmas. So depending on its usage statistics, you should expect to see more cards, moments and probably reminders coming your way.

What do you think of this new feature from Facebook? Will it entice you to send holiday cards? If you are a Facebook advertiser, how do you see a tool like this helping your business?

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