Galaxy S8 Will Have No Physical Home Button Like iPhone 8

Galaxy S8 Will Have No Physical Home Button Like iPhone 8
Image Source: TechDroider/YouTube

Despite rumors making their way around the internet in the last week suggesting that Samsung’s next flagship the Galaxy S8 would have its fingerprint sensor in the screen like the iPhone 8(?), new reports (rumors really) suggest that Samsung will be placing the sensor on or under the rear camera array.

Conflicting reports/rumors in just a week’s time regarding Galaxy S8

As with all rumors, please take the following with a grain of salt. Until Samsung officially unveils the Galaxy S8, nothing is written in stone. If the past is anything to go by and it generally is with Samsung, the company will unveil its new flagship handset at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February with the phone going on sale in March.

That said, Samsung has had anything but a normal year with the ultimate halt of Galaxy Note 7 manufacturing following two recalls due to its propensity to explode, burst into flames, or simply melt. Unfortunately for the company, this wasn’t limited to the Galaxy Note 7, and there were a few cases of troubles with the Galaxy S7, which many tech writers believe was the best smartphone produced last year. Due to this (over $6 billion) hiccup, the release of the Galaxy S8 may be delayed as Samsung absolutely must get it right this time.

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