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Doug Haynes, President – Point72 Asset Management

After graduating West Virginia University with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Doug Haynes started his career as a programmer with the Central Intelligence Agency. He later took a job at GE within their advanced materials business before attending business school at the University of Virginia. He joined McKinsey in 1992 shortly after graduation and spent nearly twenty years at the firm. In 2014, he joined Point72 as the Managing Director of Human Capital and was named President six months later. Doug serves on the Board for the Robin Hood Foundation and helped launch their Veteran’s Advisory Board to connect returning veterans with job opportunities.

If you have a career in consulting, there’s an age by which if you don’t retire from being a consultant, you will retire as one. Once you pass a certain tenure, it doesn’t make sense to leave the profession.

Doug Haynes
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Doug Haynes