Long /short value-oriented equity fund Cobia Capital Partners added 2.71% during November for a total gain of 2.4% net year-to-date. 2016 has been a tough year for the fund, which focuses on the small capitalization technology sector. Managed by Jeffrey Meyers, the fund generated double-digit returns from inception till year-end 2014 but struggled during 2015 producing a return of -0.3% and has continued to struggle this year. Jeffrey Meyers, founder recently topped SumZero’s best investor lost with a  Long-Only and Best All-Time rankings with an average return of 137% based on twenty-five ideas posted since 2008.

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Q3/Q4 2016 Hedge Fund Letters

Since inception (Jan 2008) the fund has produced a total return of 149.1% net of fees and an annualized return of 10.78% with a standard deviation of 10.9%, a Sharp ratio of 0.96 and annualized alpha of 9.82%. The fund’s Beta versus the Russell 2000 is 0.17. Between Jan 2008 and 30, November 2016 the Russell 2000 produced an annualized return of 6.31%, the S&P 500 produced an annualized return of 6.94% and the HFRI Equity Hedge Index returned 2.06% per annum.

Cobia Capital Partners: Likes Small Caps Under Trump

Within Cobia’s November 30 investor documents, copies of which have been reviewed by ValueWalk, chief financial officer Ari Bekhore explains why the team at Cobia Capital Partners believe a Trump presidency will be good news for small caps.

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