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Billionaire Henry Kravis On Finance, Work Ethic And Life

An interview with billionaire Henry Kravis. In this interview Henry discusses how he first got into corporate finance and his journey in the industry so far. Henry also talks of his life, including school, college and early work in finance. This interview offers a insight into the way Henry thinks and his attitudes towards success and failure.

Billionaire Henry Kravis On Finance, Work Ethic And Life

Henry Kravis
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Video Segments:

0:00 Introduction

0:15 How did you first become involved in corporate finance?

10:53 RJR Nabisco

14:14 Closing the deal

19:00 College

22:42 Choosing corporate finance

24:23 KKR & leveraged buyouts

26:55 Challenge of leveraged buyouts

32:35 Fear of failure

35:03 A question from his wife

38:51 Handling criticism

41:44 Heroes and role models

46:09 School

49:32 Looking back, would you do anything differently?

53:40 What inspires a career in finance?

54:55 Measuring success

56:51 Overcoming obstacles

58:57 Proving yourself

1:01:54 Responsibilities that come with success

1:04:56 Advice for young people

1:06:59 Making time for relaxation

1:08:37 Balancing business and personal life