Apple To Use Drones To Improve Maps And Take On Google

Apple To Use Drones To Improve Maps And Take On Google
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Apple reportedly intends to use drones to take on Google Maps by improving its Maps app, which has been problematic since its launch four years ago. According to Bloomberg, the iPhone maker is developing a team of experts to use drones to improve Maps.

Will drones really help Apple?

Currently, both Apple and Google use cars and vans mounted with cameras for their mapping apps, but the use of drones will allow the Cupertino-based firm to better examine and monitor construction areas, roads, street signs and more. Also cars have to be manned by a person (self-driving cars are not ready yet), so the scale of such a team is limited. Use of drones will extend the reach of its data collection efforts, says 9to5 Mac. Also drones can go some places cars can’t go, and they can also bypass pedestrian traffic.

The iPhone maker was granted permission to operate an unmanned aircraft system in March. To assist in running its drone team based in Seattle, Apple has reportedly hired at least one employee from Amazon’s Air division.

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