AirPods To Ship In The Next Few Weeks, Tim Cook Tells Customer

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Apple was initially expected to launch the wireless AirPods in October, but the release was delayed. Now none other than Apple CEO Tim Cook has revealed to a customer that the long-awaited AirPods are coming in the “next few weeks.” It means the wireless headphones will be available in time for the Christmas shopping season. The audio accessory was unveiled with the iPhone 7 in September, painting the picture of a wireless era.

Apple currently ‘finalizing’ the AirPods

An iPhone 7 user emailed Tim Cook seeking information regarding the release of the peripheral. The customer claimed to have “really bought in” to Apple’s wireless vision. In response, the Apple CEO said, “Thanks for the note. Sorry for the delay —we are finalizing them and I anticipate we will begin to ship over the next few weeks.” Folks at MacRumors verified the email’s full headers. They said it corresponds to known information from Apple’s corporate servers.

It’s worth pointing out that such emails can be faked. Apple executives are known to respond to customers occasionally. Sources familiar with the matter told Apple Insider that there was “no way” the company would miss a holiday shopping release. Many stores have already received a few pairs of AirPods for customer demonstration. Recently, Czech retailer said on its website that the AirPods would start shipping in December.

It’s unclear what Cook meant by “finalizing” the product. The Cupertino company was confident enough to unveil the wireless headphones and take pre-orders. It’s possible that Apple encountered problems with design or manufacturing, which caused the delay. The AirPods are still listed as “currently unavailable” and “coming soon” on different sections of Apple’s website.

AirPods offer a glimpse of the wireless future

The AirPods should retail for $159. Most reviewers consider it a ridiculously overpriced accessory, though it has some innovative technologies. The demo units Apple sent out to the media received a mixed response. So, the tech giant might be taking its time to get them right before launch. The wireless headphones feature a W1 chip that makes it easier to pair with a variety of Apple products.

The AirPods also feature infrared sensors, beam-forming microphones, accelerometers, and a charging and carrying case to sync with the iPhone 7 and provide more power on the go. Apple claims that its wireless headphones offer up to five hours of battery life on a single charge. The AirPods come with a fast charging technology that gives them three hours of charge in just 15 minutes.

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