Japan Debuts ‘Toilet Paper’ For Smartphones At Narita Airport

Japan Debuts ‘Toilet Paper’ For Smartphones At Narita Airport
Photo by kropekk_pl (Pixabay)

By introducing “toilet paper” for phones inside bathrooms at Narita International Airport, Japan has taken its reputation for hygiene to another level. The paper bears the message “Welcome to Japan” and has information about Wi-Fi spots and other travel-related information. The smartphone cleaning paper can be found in a dispenser next to the regular toilet roll, notes The Guardian.

What’s the need for smartphone toilet paper?

Japan has taken the meaning of public convenience very seriously by inviting people to pull off a piece of paper and give their smartphone screen a neat germ-busting shine. The rolls of paper and paper dispensers code-named “toilet paper for smartphones” look like smaller versions of regular toilet paper and dispensers.

The introduction of smartphone sheets came in response to studies which conclude that the screen of our smartphone typically houses more bacteria than toilet seats. Also a survey by a Japan tourism agency shows that foreign visitors have encountered the most problems with Wi-Fi services or a lack of them in the country.

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