Value Investing

Value Investing
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Value investing is an approach to stocks that is as close as it gets to a golden rule”  Leon Levy

“Buy values, not fancy names” Philip L Carrett

Morningstar Investment Conference: Everything You Need To Know About Preferred Securities

Arena Investors Chilton Capital Management Schonfeld Strategic Advisors Robert Atchinson Phillip Gross favorite hedge fundsPreferred stock has been around for more than 150 years. One study suggests that the first shares of preferred stock were issued in 1836 by internal improvement companies in Maryland. However, some investors might not have given this asset class much thought until the government commandeered preferred shareholders' dividends in the government-sponsored enterprises Fannie Mae Read More

“We know from experience that eventually the market catches up with value. It realises it in one way or another” Benjamin Graham 1955

“We take what we call a value approach to securities” Roy Neuberger


“The real secret to investing is that there is no secret to investing.  Every important aspect of value investing has been made available to the public many times over, beginning with the first edition of Security Analysis”  Seth Klarman

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“All intelligent investing is value investing — acquiring more that you are paying for. You must value the business in order to value the stock.” Charlie Munger


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Get the entire 10-part series on Charlie Munger in PDF. Save it to your desktop, read it on your tablet, or email to your colleagues.

“First, we are value investors.” David Einhorn

Value Investing


"I’ve spent most of my professional life as a long-term bottom-up value investor" Frank Martin

"Since I started managing money, I used a “value” approach" Francois Rochon

"Value investing remains the best course" Julian Robertson

"We're value-orientated" David Tepper

"I have always been a value investor" Joel Greenblatt

"Our quest for a margin of safety makes us a value investor"  Ed Wachenheim

“We have a value based philosophy, we’re not momentum guys, we’re not macro guys.  We invest in things where there is a fundamental analytical framework we can understand and pretty much explain using 3rd or 4th grade math with a set of dynamics we also understand”  Dan Loeb

“In general, the upside potential for being right about growth is more dramatic, and the upside potential for being right about value is more consistent. Value is my approach. In my book, consistency trumps drama” Howard Marks

“When we study the best compounding records, the vast majority of successful records were produced by a single manager or a small team where process, skill, intelligence and control were coupled with a value philosophy. I believe one of the key insights into having an edge is through building this type of insight into a business plan.” Christopher M Begg

“Value investing is one of the best ways to step apart from the crowd and to protect oneself from the unpredictable behaviour of the securities markets.” Irving Kahn

“Fairholme's strategies are rooted in a school of thought called value investing. This longstanding investment paradigm is built upon ideas set forth by Benjamin Graham and David Dodd in their seminal 1934 text Security Analysis, and popularized by Warren Buffett.” Bruce Berkowitz

“I believe that over time value investors will outperform the market and that choosing to match it is both lazy and shortsighted” Seth Klarman

“Buy value, not market trends or the economic outlook” Sir John Templeton

"Our philosophy is, we're a value shop in stocks and bonds." Arnold Van Den Berg

Value investing, as Bruce Greenwald says, is a big tent. Everyone under the tent, including us, ascribes a range of values to something and wants to buy it as some level of discount to that.” Adam Weiss

“We will not stray from our rigid value investment discipline” Seth Klarman

"Investing on the basis of value, not price momentum, is our religion" Barton Biggs

"I look at myself as a value investor.  I'm trying to find mispriced investments and add value in a situation" Marc Lasry

“Markets behave in ways, sometimes for a long stretch, that are not linked to valueValue, sooner or later, counts” Frank Martin

“We have observed that the money managers who have achieved long term market beating results in this business, Walter Schloss, Warren Buffett, Bill Ruane and Rick Cunniff, Mario Gabelli and John Neff, all have an investment philosophy based on their definition of value. Our booklet, ‘What has worked in investing’, shows that both in the US and internationally, basic fundamental value criteria produce better than market returns over long periods of time.” Christopher Browne

"How naïve all of my previous investing suddenly seemed compared with the simple but incontrovertible logic of value investing.  Indeed, once you adopt a value-investment strategy, any other investment behaviour starts to seem like gambling"  Seth Klarman

"Value in an investment is similar to character in an individual – it stands up better in adversity"  Peter Cundill

"Our view is that over time, value investing is more successful than investment strategies that ignore value." David Einhorn

"There's only one intelligent form of investing: figuring out what something's worth and see if you can buy it at or below that price. It's all about value"  Howard Marks

"Value investing continues to be the best (and perhaps only) reliable North Star for those who are able to remain patient, long-term oriented, and risk averse" Seth Klarman

“I’ve observed a great many investors over the years, and I’ve never seen a consistently successful one whose strategy was not based on a value approach  —paying less for something than it is worth, either today or in the future”  David Abrams

"Fundamental value investing will always be relevant.  To succeed, always buy for less than what it is worth, and be smarter than the market.  It will never go out of style" Charlie Munger

"[The single biggest mistake] is not being value investors." Jean-Marie Eveillard

"The key, in my opinion, to successful investing is to relate value to price today.  Instead of present value many investment managers are relating future value to present prices.  Since I can't do that, I will let others do it and stick with what has worked for us" Walter Schloss

"The bread and butter business where I spend the bulk of my time, is looking for under-valued stocks on the long side.  I Have a very value-orientated approach"  Leon Cooperman

"There are few people that switch in between or get it [value investing] gradually.  They either get it right away of they don't get it at all.  I never really tried anything else.  The first time I heard it, it just made sense; and I heard it from the best" Li Lu

“Too many investors focus on “outlook” and “trend”.  Therefore, more profit is made by focussing on value”  Sir John Templeton

“My weapon of choice as a stock picker is research; it’s critical for me to understand a company’s value before laying down a dime. I really had no choice in this matter, for when I first happened upon the writings of Benjamin Graham, I felt as if I was born to play the role of value investor.” Michael Burry

"The fundamental principles of value investing, if they make sense to you, can allow you to survive and prosper when everyone else is rudderless" Seth Klarman

"I’m always amazed that someone would say they weren’t a value investor – I wouldn’t admit it even if I wasn’t. It just seems silly to think about investing any other way." Thomas Gayner

"In a rising market, everyone makes money and a value philosophy is unnecessary.  But because there is no certain way to predict what the market will do, one must follow a value philosophy at all times"  Seth Klarman

"We are value investors who seek margins of safety in value stocks" Ed Wachenheim

"The probabilities, the odds, the very laws of nature are tilted in favour of the value school.  Some three dozen published academic studies have shown that, indeed, over long periods, value investors, culling from the bottom of the list, have tended to outperform growth investors"  Ralph Wanger

"Most of the legends of money management business pursued a value strategy, and they enjoyed or continue to enjoy careers spanning more years than the average age of many of today's hot money managers.  It has been my observation that value investing works long term, and that the strategy has never, to my knowledge, experienced any of the infamous blow-ups of racier, sexier investment styles" Chris Browne

"The best foundation for a successful investment - or a successful investment career - is value"  Howard Marks

"I must remind you that value investing is not designed to outperform in a bull market.  In a bull market, anyone, with any investment strategy or none at all, can do well, often better than value investors. It is only in a bear market that the value investing discipline becomes especially important because value investing, virtually alone among strategies, gives you exposure to the upside with limited downside risk. In a stormy market, the value investing discipline becomes crucial, because it helps you find your bearings when reassuring landmarks are no longer visible.  In a market downturn, momentum investors cannot find momentum, growth investors worry about a slowdown, an technical analysts dont like their charts. But the value investing discipline tells you exactly what to analyze, price versus value, and then what to do, buy at a considerable discount and sell near full value. And, because you cannot tell what the market is going to do, a value investment discipline is important because it is the only approach that produces consistently good investment results over a complete market cycle" Seth Klarman


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