Without Twitter, You Wouldn’t Have President-elect Trump: Salesforce CEO

Without Twitter, You Wouldn’t Have President-elect Trump: Salesforce CEO
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Twitter has a host of abuse scandals to its name. The number is so many that they probably were the reason nobody wanted to acquire the social media platform. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, who flirted with the notion of acquiring the micro-blogging site for a long time, told Recode’s Kara Swisher that they would not have President-elect Trump without Twitter.

Twitter responsible for President-elect Trump

On Tuesday, Benioff told Swisher at the Code Enterprise conference in San Francisco that he thinks the micro-blogging site is a great company and has a great chief executive officer. Further, he thinks that the company has a huge vision and a unique position in the world, and the latest election proves this.

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“Without Twitter, I don’t think you would have President-elect Trump. I mean, that’s reality. He said it very well. He said, “I have a beautiful Twitter account,” said Benioff.

Twitter’s stock jumped, while almost all other major tech-based stocks took a hit after Republican candidate Donald Trump was named President-elect, says Gizmodo. Now the question is whether the micro-blogging site will become the official premiere social media platform for Trump Nation or if it will fall like the rest of the tech companies.

Why Salesforce passed on acquisition of Twitter

Salesforce’s CEO continued his praises for the micro-blogging site; however, not until he explained why he eventually decided not to make a bid for Twitter last month. Benioff looked at the social network as a possible acquisition, and for a few weeks, he even talked about a potential deal before eventually backing away from the notion completely.

Benioff said at the time that the micro-blogging giant was not an accurate fit for Salesforce, citing both culture and price as possible hangups. Another problem was that the cloud computing giant’s shareholders did not like the idea, not even one bit, according to Benioff. He told Swisher that one of his key stakeholders made it certain that they wanted him to drop that vision or dream or idea.

“I did. Because I [had] no choice. If anything, I have to be able to listen, and if I wasn’t listening then I wouldn’t really be the leader that I’m trying to be.”

In just a few weeks, the cloud computing company’s stock declined more than 8% on the idea that Salesforce might buy the social network. The news came at the time of the annual Dreamforce conference in San Francisco, where Benioff said he got troubling feedback.

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