Trump Voter Beaten Up, Third-Party Voters Threatened: Free Speech Is Dead

Trump Voter Beaten

Violence is sweeping the nation as Trump voters are being physically attacked and third-party voters are being threatened online. Disturbing video showing African American men kicking and beating a white man in the middle of the street demonstrates how the anger and fear that were simmering in verbal and written comments of hate have boiled over into outright violence.

NOTE: The video posted at the bottom of this article is disturbing, so you may not wish to view it.

Trump voter beat in Chicago

Reports of violence are popping up on social media, including the video of the Trump voter being beaten, which was posted on YouTube. The video shows a group of young African American men beating a white man and kicking him while he is on the ground as he tries to get up.

Witnesses to the beating of the Trump voter can be heard shouting, “You voted Trump!” Some also shouted, “Don’t vote Trump.”

Female voices can also be heard shouting that he shouldn’t have voted for Donald Trump. The beating took place in broad daylight in Chicago at the corner of Roosevelt Rd. and South Kedzie Ave.

One of his assailants was crouched over the driver’s seat, and he yelled, “Get out of my car.”

The attackers followed him as he moved toward his car, however, and began to beat him again. A longer version of the video has the rap song “F*ck Donald Trump” playing over it, and one of the man’s attackers drive off in his car, dragging him as he hangs on to the car by placing one arm in the window.

Trump voters being protested nationwide

This is only one example of violence being perpetrated against Trump voters, although not all of the protests are violent. A massive anti-Trump protest marched through Chicago on Wednesday to the Trump Hotel in the downtown area. Police had set up a barricade outside the hotel, but the protestors break through the barricade. A second protest occurred on Lake Shore Drive and blocked traffic, resulting in at least five arrests, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Protests took part across the country in various cities, with many protestors speaking out angrily in California. Social media posts using the hashtag #Calexit rose to prominence as Californians angrily declared their plans to secede from the United States. However, experts say it may be difficult to actually do it.

Third-party voters threatened

We’ve also been hearing that some of those who voted for a third-party candidate, especially Green Party candidate Jill Stein, are receiving threats and being blamed for Hillary Clinton’s loss. This voter said he had voted for a third-party candidate after previously attending some anti-Trump protest rallies.

Trump voter third party voter

Other third-party voters are also reporting online that they have been threatened by Hillary supporters, so clearly, it’s not safe to say who you voted for. Free speech is dead because unless you voted for Hillary, your life could be in danger. Third-party voters are being blamed because Jill Stein is being declared the reason that she lost even though there would not have been enough votes for Hillary if all of Stein’s votes were given to Hillary. Also Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson was also seen as taking some of Trump’s votes, despite the more mixed nature of his platform that pulled from both sides. Of course the fact that his platform was so mixed could have meant that some of his voters might have chosen Hillary instead. Some voters might even have stayed home if Stein and Johnson weren’t in the race.

A bit of editorial insight here. Those who are making threats and carrying out violence because they hate Donald Trump are acting no better than the man they hate. Where is the logic here? Oh wait, there is no logic. There can’t possibly be logic for something like this. Apparently freedom of speech and the right to vote have both been thrown out the window by people who think that any opinion that’s different than theirs should be answered with violence. Hopefully Trump will begin acting with decorum because many of those who hate him certainly aren’t.

Reminder, this video is GRAPHIC in nature:

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  1. First these democracy haters were not third party supporter they were Hillary supporters, if your gonna write a story tell the truth. I pray that we get these ungodly off the street for the safety of the majority. I really think the only way were gonna restore law and order in Chicago is for marshall law to be decared there. And get rid that punky ass mayor that’s not doing anything. We have an open invitation to Blacks boys come to our small towns. We won’t arrest, well just disappear ya with are wood chippers and automatic shot guns. And hour 50 calibers. Sooner or latter if you’ll keep runnin your mouths were comin by the buss load to the windy city. Well be collecting scalps also. Or well give a oneway ticket to North Korea. You,ll love it there.

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