Tesla Battery Packs Have More Life Than Expected

Tesla Battery Packs Have More Life Than Expected
Blomst / Pixabay

Tesla’s battery packs are a lot more powerful than what was believed until now. Therefore, apprehensions that the electric car batteries will wear out are apparently unfounded. Electrek reported that a Tesla owner group that collected some data found that there are very few chances for the Model S battery pack to degrade to less than 90% over 200,000 miles or even further.

Battery packs more durable than expected

About 286 Model S owners around the world are being tracked by Tesla owners participating in a Dutch-Belgium Tesla forum. The group updates the information in an open Google Docs spreadsheet. After the initial 50,000 miles, most of the Model S battery packs maintain about 95% capacity, reveals the data.

What’s interesting is that the battery pack degradation takes place at a very slow pace after that. It’s so slow that another 150,000 miles is required for bringing an additional 5% degradation. The group has extensive data and several charts that include trend lines showing the aggregate data result. It also has outliers — cars with numbers far from the average performance.

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