Simple Snap Screen Protectors To Keep Your Phone Safe

Simple Snap to protect all your iPhone devices

Watching your phone fall and hit the pavement with force is heartbreaking. It is a feeling everyone has experienced and nothing is worse than picking your device up and coming face to face with a cracked screen. But the solution is closer than it seems: screen protectors.

Our smartphones contain some of the most important information in our lives, so why wouldn’t we want to keep them safe? Over the years, they have become thinner making our smartphones more fragile to falls. One little scratch can harm the device greatly.

So with time, more smartphones broke and more screen protectors made their way to the market. Today, screen protectors have the technology to protect your phone against scratches, falls and they can even prevent your screen from getting dirty.

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But not every screen protector works the same. There is a huge amount of screen protectors out in the market so knowing which one will work best for your phone can become tricky. There are two kinds of screen protectors: glass and plastic. One difference between the two is their prices. Plastic screen protectors are cheaper but less protective than glass screen protectors. The plastic ones usually range between as little as five dollars to $20 while glass screen protectors are usually around $30. Glass screen protector are more expensive because they are made of thicker material but are durable compared to the plastic ones.

Simple Snap Screen Protectors

Another characteristic that differentiates them is the way they look on your phone. Plastic screen protectors are harder to see than glass screen protectors so it seems as though your phone doesn’t have anything on it. On the other hand, glass screen protectors are visible because of their thickness but they offer better protection. Simple Snap is one of these screen protectors but there is one unique feature that sets it apart.

Simple Snap Screen Protectors

Simple Snap is the first glass screen protector that comes with a disposable mold for an easier and flawless installation. It comes with a patented position lock design that leaves the screen bubble-free and perfectly aligned. With Simple Snap, you won’t have to worry about the horrible finger smudges that some other screen protectors leave. Its oleophobic coating avoids fingerprints and fights against screen scratches.

This screen protector comes in a package accompanied by the items in the picture below.

Simple Snap Screen Protectors

To install this screen protector, all you need to do is follow its three simple steps: clean phone, snap down the patented installation kit and peel away the top film. Once installed your screen protector comes with a lifetime warranty that can be claimed at

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Screen protectors are just as important as having a smartphone because without it the chances of phones breaking are higher. However not all screen protectors can give phones the best protection. So when you are looking for the best screen protector for your phone, look for the ones with the best quality even if it does cost more. At the end it will be worth it.  For more on Simple Snap visit