Save Scranton Launches GoFundMe Campaign for Scranton Bankruptcy

Save Scranton Launches GoFundMe Campaign for Scranton Bankruptcy

It would be great if the city of Scranton could crowd source the money they need to solve their financial problems. Sadly, the city’s debt is so severe that it would be impossible to raise enough money. Instead, we are going to crowd source the campaign to push for Scranton bankruptcy. We want to put bankruptcy on the ballot and let the people of Scranton vote on the future of Scranton. The campaign is here.

Why Bankruptcy?

The city has literally run out of time. The city is economically depressed and facing mounting debt problems. They have sold or leased all of the city’s assets and are still without enough money to pay off its debt. These “one-time” actions only delay the inevitable. The city has 500 million in debts and a population that is aged and shirking. The city has raised taxes excessively to the point that living in the city has become unbearable. Residents seek to move but no one wants to buy their homes. Property values continue to fall. Businesses are closing. The city needs to confront its towering debts.


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The average wage has only been declining.



While compensation to government employees have been increasing.


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Creating a budget that has sky rocketing expenditures and falling revenues.


The people of Scranton are made to shore up the loses in the pensions





Let’s put bankruptcy to ballot and let the people of  the city have a say in where their tax dollars go! Support this initiative by contributing here


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