Saudi Arabia: Parents Criticized For Taking Baby’s Photo At Cliff Edge

Who doesn’t want to take breathtaking photos when on holiday? But a couple in Saudi Arabia did something that not many parents can dare to do. A Saudi couple placed their infant on the edge of a ridiculously high cliff just to take a souvenir photo. The photo has been widely circulated on the social media.

Saudi Arabia Baby
Image Credit: Grabbed from social media

Parents put the life of a baby at risk in Saudi Arabia

According to Gulf News, the photo was taken at Dikkat Al Al Halawani, which is a popular tourist destination at the top of Al Hada Mountain overlooking the highway that links Makkah and Al-Taif in western Saudi Arabia. The couple has received harsh criticism on social media for putting the life of a baby at risk for the sake of a souvenir photo. It remains unclear who took the picture.

Some social media users have called for the parents to be sent to jail. One user named Salem called this act “creepily irresponsible” and demanded stringent action against whoever is behind it. Another user, Om Badr, called for tough laws against those behaving irresponsibly. Seeking thrills does not entitle someone to risk lives and behave in a creepy manner, said Badr.

Social media demands police presence at the popular destination

Another user said the parents should be jailed. They don’t appreciate the blessing of having a baby, while a lot of people are deprived of that blessing. A baby should be treated with love and care rather than being exposed to extreme danger. A social media user “Pokemon” called for police presence at the popular destination. The Dikkat Al Al Halawani is a popular cliff-top destination visited by people from all cultural, social, and national backgrounds. So, there should be close monitoring by the police.

Do you think the parent should be punished by law for their recklessness? Saudi Arabia has one of the world’s strictest laws.