Samsung Gear S3 Preorders Start Nov. 6, Price $350, Release Date Nov. 18

Samsung Gear S3 Preorders Start Nov. 6, Price $350, Release Date Nov. 18
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The Samsung Gear S3 – the wearable that was revealed at IFA 2016 — is going up for preorder finally and will soon be shipping out to the public. Preorders for the Samsung Gear S3 will start on Nov. 6, but AT&T is getting ahead of rivals by accepting preorders on Nov. 4, reports Techtimes.

Samsung Gear S3 release date and price

The Samsung Gear S3 is set to start shipping on November 18, and it is anticipated that the wearable will be on the shelves the same day, says Techtimes. The starting price of both the Frontier and Classic is $349.99; however, that should not come as much of a surprise to most as Best Buy did reveal the prices when it posted listings for the two wearables.

However, any certain details about the price of the wearable were not made clear, as it will depend mostly on the carrier. AT&T offers the wearable for $49.99 with a two-year contract when purchased on the AT&T Next Every Year or AT&T Next plan with a Galaxy smartphone. In addition, the carrier is putting the wearable up for grabs for $17.50 a month for 20 months.

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Gary Riding, senior vice president of product marketing for Samsung America, says customers are increasingly recognizing the advantages of a smartwatch that operates even without their smartphone.

“With the LTE capability of Gear S3, it is easy to make or receive phone calls and read or reply to texts and notifications, so they can stay connected while leaving their phone behind.”

Difference between the Frontier and Classic

The Samsung Gear S3 Classic and Frontier are designed to cater to everyone’s needs and are quite an impressive improvement from the last Gear (Gear S2) lineup. No other smartwatch has brought the MST technology to the market, but these wearables do. This means that they will have built-in Samsung Pay support, notes Techtimes.

The smartwatch packs a heart rate sensor, speedometer, barometer and an altimeter. In the Tizen store, the user gets an access to around 10,000 apps. The wearable performs several functions like setting timers and alarms, reading messages, calling facilities, adjusting volume, etc.

With the release nearing, the most interesting question about the Gear S3 may be the difference between the Frontier and Classic. According to CNET, customers can choose the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier for a more rugged look and Classic version for a formal look. That is the most obvious difference between the two wearables; however, the former has an advantage over the latter, as it has an option that comes with LTE support, notes Techtimes.

In addition, it should be mentioned that the LTE support option was somewhat already anticipated on the Gear S3 Frontier because it does appear geared towards those who spend most of their time outdoors. The LTE support could be useful in emergencies. The two wearables are more or less the same, other than those factors. Both of them run on the Tizen-based wearable operating system and have 1.3-inch display topped off with Gorilla Glass SR+ to avoid scratches.

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  1. I’m hoping that Verizon makes the S3 Frontier (may as well get the LTE-equipped model) available shortly. I cannot explain fully why I’m so enthused over getting one of these yet it would seem the perfect complement to my new phone purchased just weeks ago.

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